Informasi Harga Jasa Video Editing

    Artist 1 | Rald

  • Tier I: IDR 55K-210K | $10-$25 USD
  • Simple Lyric No Motion, Transition and Any other (complicated) Effect
  • Tier II: IDR 205K-505K | $30-$55 USD
  • Animation lyric, Motion Video, Camera Movement, Effect include
  • Storyboard: IDR 300K-500K | $30-$40 USD
  • You will get Mix voice act for your story board, motion video and camera movement, effect transisiton you have to add IDR 50K or $10 USD if you want your character to be animated.
  • Artist 2 | Rinku

  • Simple MV: IDR 250K | $30 USD
  • Complex MV: IDR 500K | $60 USD

Penjelasan Tambahan

  • Art, BackGround, object like item and others it's not from me.
  • Req. Fonts.
  • If there is an error from me such as wrong lyrics or a glitch in a certain scene then no additional fees will be charged. (Only valid when the FINAL RENDER is more than 3x!).
  • If there is an error from the Customer, such as giving the wrong lyrics file or Illust, an additional fee of $10 USD/Render will be charged. (Only valid when more than 3 FINAL RENDERS have been completed!).
  • Maximum revision unlimited if not Final Render. (still in progress).
  • Maximum revision 3x when it's final rendering!.